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Applications & Samples

This package includes app and sample programs, which can be used with PLZ(4W/4WA/4WL/4WH/U) series Electronic Load. It has a sequence building app, setup memory backup app, measure & log generation app, and more.


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  • 7(x86/x64)
  • 8 (x86/x64)
  • 8.1 (x86/x64)
  • 10 (x86/x64)
  • GPIB/RS-232C/USB


  • One of the VISA libraries listed below supporting VISA COM software is required. (Mind that multiple versions of VISA cannot be installed at a time.)
    • NI-VISA 19.0 or later
    • Keysight IO Libraries Suite 2019 or later
    • KI-VISA 5.5.0 or later
  • The IVI-COM/C Instrument Driver (x86/x64) is bundled.

Sample source is installed in the below.
C:¥Program Files¥IVI Foundation¥IVI¥Drivers¥KikusuiPlz¥Examples
C:¥Program Files (x86)¥IVI Foundation¥IVI¥Drivers¥KikusuiPlz¥Examples


  • 2024-07-13 README
    Kikusui PLZ Applications package includes the following software.
    • VPanel (simple virtual panel)
    • Monitor And Log (measures Curr/Volt/Pow,generates logs)
    • Step Editor - a Program/Step editor
    • Memory Copy - a memory backup tool for Setup Memories (except for PLZ-U series)
    App Name Descriptions
    VPanel This is a simple virtual panel app. If you're the first time to use this app, configure the communication port for VISA library used for instrument connections, by opening the Instrument I/O dialog. The setting is stored in the registry so it is also assigned automatically when the next time you use the app. If using PLZ-4W/4W/4WL/4WH series, only one panel window will open as the instrument has only one channel. If using PLZ-U series, one or more windows will open depending on the instrument configurations.
    Monitor And Log This is a sample app, which monitors current/voltage/power and generates text-formatted log files. You can set the directory on which the text files are generated and monitor interval through the Data Generation Options. Each file name is automatically assigned including associated channel name and data/time information.
    Step EditorThis allows you to edit/transfer/run your sequence programs.
    Memory CopyThis allows you to back up the setup-memory contents. (Memory Copy works only with PLZ-4W/4WA/4WL/4WH. It can't be used with PLZ-U series.)
    All the applications except for Memory Copy uses the IVI-COM KikusuiPlz instrument driver to control your instrument.

    System Requirement
    Items Descriptions
    Windows Versions One of the following operating systems with service packs is required. Windows 7(x86, x64) Windows 8(x86, x64) Windows 8.1(x86, x64) Windows 10(x86, x64)
    VISA Library One of the following VISA libraries is required. Mind that multiple versions of VISA library from different vendors shall not be installed. - NI-VISA 19.0 or later - Keysight IO Libraries Suite 2019 or later - KI-VISA 5.5.0 or later
    I/O Interfaces One of the following I/O environments must be ready for your PC and your instrument. GPIB RS232C USB (PLZ-4W/4WA/4WL/4WH only) When using RS232C, the serial connection cable must be cross-over (or null modem) type, and the interface settings at the instrument side must be 19200/8/2/NONE/OFF.

    SETUP Procedure
    • To setup the Kikusui PLZ Applications, run PlzAppsSetup_2_x_x.exe.
    • Before running the SETUP program, confirm that your PC meets all the system requirement. See also the above System Requirement.
    • When running the SETUP program, you must log on as an administrator. When installing, a confirmation dialog will be displayed and the system will automatically promote to administrator privileges.

    Revision History
    Version Date Descriptions
    VER OCT 2014 Edition 08 Oct 2014 Bug fix for problem that StepEdit in CV MODE could not edit voltage values over 1.5V
    VER JUNE 2012 Edition 19 June 2012 Bundled IVI-COM driver version is changed to (x86/x64 Edition)
    VER 2.1.2a OCT 2010 Edition 24 Nov 2010 PLZ-4WH series now supported Bundled IVI-COM driver version is changed to (x86 Edition) MemCopy and StepEdit apps were incorrectly operating RS232 Stopbit=1 with VISA, and now corrected to 2.
    VER 2.1.1 MAY 2010 Edition 24 May 2010 Bundled IVI-COM driver version is changed to (x86 Edition)
    VER 2.1.0 FEB 2010 Edition 24 Feb 2010 Windows 7 is now supported PLZ-4WL series now supported Bundled IVI drivers changed Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistribution Package added
    VER 2.0.2 FEB 2007 Edition 15 Feb 2007 Windows Vista is now supported. However, we have discontinued Win98/Me support due to difficulty of operation check. Bug fix for problem that the app unexpectedly halted when exceeding 10hr log recording. (Monitor And Log app) Bug fix for problem that the app did not correctly remember the model information that would appear on the Options dialogue (Step Editor) Bundled IVI drivers changed.
    VER 2.0.1a JULY 2004 Edition 27 July 2005 Bundled IVI drivers changed.
    VER 2.0.1 JULY 2004 Edition 25 July 2004 SETUP is changed so that it automatically installs the IVI Shared Components and IVI driver.
    VER 2.0.0 MAY 2003 Edition --- 1st Release


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